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Hot Pruduct

  • Portable Impact Crusher Portable Impact Crusher

    Portable Impact Stone Crusher Overview Portable impact Stone Crusher can handle side not exceeding 500mm, the compressive...

  • Spring Cone Crusher Spring Cone Crusher

    Spring Cone Stone Crusher Overview SBE has Launched Superior Technologies from In another country, and Developed and Prod...

  • PE Jaw Crusher PE Jaw Crusher

    PE Jaw stone Crusher Overview SBE has endeavored to design and manufacture jaw stone crusher which is a type of highly-ef...

  • Portable Cone Crusher Portable Cone Crusher

    Portable Cone Crusher Overview Portable cone Stone Crusher is the first of a cone Stone Crusher, the machine is in the di...

About Us

Henan Shibo Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. is a well-known professional engaged in industrial crushing equipment and stone sand making machine equipment and mining machinery is an international professional high-tech enterprises, factory has fixed assets more than 50 million yuan, covers an area of more than 36900 square meters, plant more than 16800 square meters, with an annual output of various breaking, screening, sand making equipment more than 800 Taiwan (sets), has the international first-class production base and pebbles sand making machine production line, equipped with intelligent, standardization of detection and control laboratory, all products in accordance with the ISO9001: 2000 international quality system standards were design, production, manufacturing and testing. The enterprise has made "the right to import and export", "self inspection qualification". Has a variety of large-scale machinery processing equipment, smelting casting equipment, professional mechanical manufacturing engineer ten, professional equipment installation team.